The perception which exists that ice-cream contains too many calories is just a myth!. In contrast scientists have proven lately that ice-cream is very beneficial to our nutrition, since it contains many nutritious substances. The primary ingredient of ice-cream is milk. Scientists have come to the conclusion that ice-cream contains properties that fight anxiety; it is a perfect pleasure, especially during hot weather, that nobody can resist. Ice-cream is considered as nutritious as yogurt and cheese.

Ice-cream can be regarded as milk in a concentrated form. The milk proteins contained in ice-cream are of excellent biological value. They contain all the essential amino acids.

Ice-cream is considered among the richest sources of calcium, phosphorous and other minerals.

Ice-cream is rich in essential vitamins: vitamin A which is the main vitamin found in dairy cream, and vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B6 and B12 which are found in significant quantities.

The nutritional value and digestible properties of ice-cream are well recognised by rnedical scientists. Ice-cream is an essential part of rnenus in hospitals all over the world.
In our daily diet, ice cream can substitute any dessert with much more benefits for our health.

So, the following apparently contradictory statement is absolutely true:
" Add ice-cream in your regular diet and increase your weight; take ice-cream as part of your regular diet and reduce your weight."

In the chart below you can find the average nutritional value per 100 grams of the different kinds of Regis ice cream

Average Nutritional Value Per Ice Cream
Product Energy Kcal Proteins Carbohydrates Fat
Choc - Ice 729 kj
174 kcal
2.1g 14.6g 11.9g
Choc – Ice Diet 0% 528 kj
126 Kcal
1.3g 16.5g
Cono Agrino Vanilla Classic 666 kj
159 Kcal
2.0g 23.2g 6.5g
Cono Agrino Choc Chips 666 kj
159 Kcal
2.0g 23.2g 6.5g
Mega Milk Chocolate 900 kj
215 Kcal
2.8g 19.2g 14.4g
Mega Coffee 876 kj
209 kcal
2.6g 18.5g 14.2g
Mega White Chocolate 934 kj
3.1g 18.4g 15.6g
Regis Club Tubs 691 kj
165 kcal
2.9g 21.3g 7.8g
Kri – Kri Tubs 494 kj
118 kcal
2.8g 13,9g 5.7g
Regis Strawberry Sorbet Per 100ml
348 kj
83 kcal
0g 20.8g 0g

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