REGIS pioneered in the Cyprus ice-cream industry by establishing the first manufacturing unit in 1952. George Protopapas had the entrepreunial foresight to invest in this relatively new sector of the market. The Protopapas family still own a substantial part of the company and his children are actively involved in running the company.

In the sixties the company was effectively covering the whole island and the now classic items like the CHOC ICE (PLAKA) and AGRINO CONE were already well established.

The invasion of Turkey in July 1974, brought about many losses for the company as most of its fleet as well as its ice-cream cabinets, were trapped in the northern part of the island.

The company never ceased to continually upgrade both the factory facilities as well as the distribution centers, vehicles and cabinets in order to prepare itself for the opening of the market. The product range is enriched further with new products, like the premium sticks MEGA.

Since 1996, when the market was liberalized most of the known European brands are being imported to Cyprus and REGIS has successfully competed with them and retained a leading position in the impulse ice cream market.

Our main care since the day we first started is our dedication to exceptional quality standards. Our aim is to develop and improve, not only in regards to our products, but also in the way we operate and provide services to our customers

Our vision is to retain our leadership position in the Cyprus ice cream market by following the 3 outlined strategies:
Continuous improvement of our best seller products.
Strategic cooperation with our partners in order to offer to our customers the best possible solutions in ice cream.
Retain high quality standards in all aspects of our operations, through the HACCP system procedures.

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